Reclaim your space with Laser Tattoo Removal…

Is it time to get rid of that ink that no longer represents who you are? Start your journey now and you could be ink free and wearing whatever you want this summer.

There are some great tattoo artists in Norwich, which is probably why we were named as one of the top ten most tattoed cities in the world. And great tattoos are fantastic but sadly, not all tattoo artists should be inking people.

Our clients often tell us that they feel ashamed of one of their tattoos. Some feel that it's making them dress differently than they want to as they don't want to reval their ink. Others go as far as saying that it's holding them back and maybe even affecting their career.

In some cases tattoos are also reminders of unhappy relationships or periods in your life.

If any of this sounds like you, we would love to help. Our top class lasers mean that we'll get you ink free in as few sessions as possible, meaning your tattoo will be gone more quickly and the process will cost you less.​

Come and see us for a FREE consultation and we'll talk you through the process. And, as with all our treatments, we're so confident that you'll love the results, we GUARANTEE them.

Don't live a life half lived because of a mistake you, or your tattooist made in the past. Book in soon and start your ink free journey now.



Does this work?

In short: Yes

In depth: Don't be put off by past consultations or stories that others have told you because Laser Tattoo Removal has come a long way since the first technicians used IPL machines to try and disperse ink. In fact, it is now possible to completely remove tattoos without any scarring. This is because extensive research has determined which wavelengths of light to use and how to deliver the laser's output to best remove tattoos. Our lasers are chosen with these industry guidelines in mind and provide the very best results in tattoo removal. For those interested, here's the technical bit: Our Q Switch ND:YAG Laser injects the skin with intense light, which penetrates the skin to break up the ink particles and leads causes the tattoo to fade. The body's immune system will then remove these pigments over time. The laser energy is harmless, and only targets the pigmented skin, leaving the un-inked surrounding skin unharmed.

How many sessions will I need?

In short: This depends on your tattoo

in depth: During your consultation, we will be very honest about what we can achieve and how many sessions you need.

Will my tattoo be completely gone?

In short: In many cases, yes

In depth: This depends on the type of tattoo you have. In most cases we can remove your ink completely but, again we will discuss this with you during your consultation.

Does this hurt?

In short: The pain levels are about the same as getting a tattoo.

In depth: Because this is a different type of discomfort than getting a tattoo, some people opt to use numbing cream and we can advise you about that during your consultation.

Why do I need a consultation?

In short: We need to make sure we can help and we need to do a patch test.

In depth: So that we can check your skin's healing process and put an effective treatment plan in place for you.

If you would like to learn more about how this works, or would like us to take a look at your tattoo and advise you how best to proceed, just book in for a coffee and free consultation and we’ll talk you through everything. We'll also complete a free patch test to make sure that your tattoo responds well to treatment before we charge you a single penny.

As we guarantee all our results and, if you book now, your consultation and first session are FREE, you really have nothing to lose. So, get in touch and begin your ink free journey free journey today.

For more information, or to book a consultation just get in touch.

What our customers say…

5* I had one session on my tattoo before finding out I was pregnant and parts of my tattoo have already disappeared! Very professional and concerned for your welfare not just making a pretty penny. Once baby is here I will look forward to starting the sessions again
Jodie McKenzie