Time to freshen up with Laser Rejuvenation Treatments…

If you're really serious about skincare then you will already know about the amazing results Laser Rejuvenation can achieve.

Skin creams can only do so much, as can standard 'cream based' facials. But this is not a 'floaty candle spa treatment', it's a clinical laser treatment that offers very real results.

But don't let that worry you. This treatment is completely painless and needs no recovery or healing time afterwards.

Also known as the "carbon blast" or "black doll" facial and previously the preserve of the 'A Listers' this treatment is a real multitasker. It tackles lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dull skin, and acne scarring, while stimulating collagen and elastin production to tighten and brighten. Featured on ITV's This Morning in 2016 and in Glamour and Grazia Magazine in 2017, this really is the one to watch. In fact, clinics in London (and some a little closer to home) regularly charge £300 for this treatment. But we know that not everyone has 'A List' pockets so you'll be surprised by just how affordable this treatment is at Fresh Laser Clinics.

Suitable as a preventative, a maintenance and a repairing facial, this really does take some beating.

Laser Rejuvenation is suitable for most areas of the body but the most popular treatment areas are the areas that we all see everyday, which due to exposure to sunlight, pollution and increased muscle activity are sadly the areas that age the most quickly. These are the face throat and neck and decolletage.

This amazing treatment is so effective that, even with just one session, you will start to see great results. In fact, we can help you get your glow back so that you start to look like you again.

Come and see us for a FREE consultation and we'll talk you through the process. And, as with all our treatments, we're so confident that you'll love the results, we GUARANTEE them.



Is this just a new fad or does it really work?

The short answer: Oh, yes trust us, this works!

In depth: This facial is also often, referred to as 'The Black Doll Facial' or 'The Carbon Blast' and this treatment is so good it was featured on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ in 2016 and in many women's magazines across 2016 and early 2017, including Glamour Magazine. Carbon Laser Facial Rejuvenation was the best kept secret of Hollywood 'A Listers', who thought nothing of making sure they looked their best whatever the cost. Now this incredible treatment is available in Norwich and you won't need 'A List' pockets.

How does this work?

In short: It exfoliates, brightens and tightens and lifts, all in one session.

In depth: Collagen and elastin production is boosted. Skin tone is improved and more even as sun spots, blemishes and acne scars are reduced. Fresh skin is revealed, pores and wrinkles are diminished and, put simply, your glow returns.

Does it work straight away?

In short: Yes it does

In depth: You will see a renewed glow in your skin as soon as the session ends. Over the next couple of days, you should also see a lifting and tightening affect. One session will offer great results and a package of several sessions will see you build on these results to get even greater skin. Based on your skin and any issues that you would like to address, your Laser technician will be able to advise you as to how many sessions you are likely to need.

Is it painful and is there any downtime?

In short: It's genuinely pain free and has no downtime or recovery time.

Why do I need a consultation first?

In short: We need to make sure that we can give you great results and that your skin is suitable for treatment.

In depth: At the consultation we will talk you through the process. Plus, offered only by highly trained, qualified and insured Laser Technicians, this treatment is so effective that we have to complete a full consultation and patch test first. This needs to be at least 24 hours before your first facial. We also need to take a short medical history so it's useful if you know what medications you are taking.

OK, so it works but it sounds expensive.

In short: Check out our offers. You'll be amazed.

In depth: Since this was first used in LA things have changed and this is affordable for everyone. And so it should be, after all we all work hard enough!

With our reasonably priced packages, there's no need to feel guilty about treating yourself. After all, why shouldn't you be the best you, you can be?

We hope we've answered all your questions but if not, do get in touch.

What our customers say…

I am in my late 40's and have been a die hard skin care fan all my life. This has served me well but just lately, despite my best efforts my skin has started to show my age. I know that this is partly because I work long hours and have a really stressful job but I recently saw a photograph of myself and was horrified. Who was that woman? Anyway, I've had 4 treatments now and I can't tell you the difference, even after the first one. I was recently asked if I was using a new foundation and I didn't have any on (a first for me). I actually look forward to my treatments. They are quick, pain free and I leave just feeling fresher. Brad looks after me and is very skilled. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone with skin concerns.
Louise A

I'm a working mum and rarely have time to myself. I know I don't look as glamorous as some of my friends who don't have kids and a job and, while I don't think I am really vain, that did start to bother me. My skin was starting to sag and I just looked so tired all the time I just turned the big 4-0 and my husband got me a course of laser facials for my birthday because he knew this was getting me down. I was skeptical but it's great. I've noticed a real difference. And because the costs are so low, I will continue with these.
Karen M

I have been struggling with dull/bumpy skin most of my adult life and as a 30-something women has probably paid out a lot of money on many a lotion and potion in my time! I came across an advert for Fresh Laser Clinic and specifically their LFR facial. After a nasty breakout I was feeling particularly down about my skin. So I made a consultation appointment and went to see Brad. He explained how it worked, the sensation of the laser and then did a patch test. Kind, professional and didn’t judge my less than smooth skin! A week later I was back. The treatment lasted around an Hour and in that time he went over my face twice with the laser. The first time with a carbon face mask the second straight to skin.

I left the clinic with bright, glowing skin and thought mmmm this is too good- I kept staring in the rear-view mirror. Over the next few days I noticed putting on makeup was lovely. Foundation sat better and didn’t get patchy like it used to on the different textures on my face. Then came the compliments. People asked what make up I was using, what was I doing differently etc etc.

All in all, totally worth it, painless and a fantastic experience. Can’t wait for the next session in my course!
Victoria S