Freedom from unwanted hair with IPL Hair Removal…

With media driven expectations that women's skin should be baby soft at all times, unwanted facial and body hair can begin to feel very unfeminine.

And sadly, regular hair removal can be a real chore. In fact, it's estimated that women spend 72 days of their lives just on shaving their legs.

And, with razors, waxing and hair removal creams all coming at a high cost, they are likely to spend upwards of £8,000 removing unwanted hair over a lifetime.

With the standards of beauty and what is "deemed as attractive" ramping up considerably, many women admit that they have incorporated hair removal of some sort in to their daily beauty routines. Unwanted facial and body hair can be made even worse by certain conditions such as Poly Cystic Ovaries and by hormone changes experienced throughout a woman's life, particularly during and after the menopause.

And, It's not just women who are affected. The pressure is on for men now too with 87% of men under the age of 40 now reported to regularly shave or wax their body hair.

For those transitioning the issue is even more pressing and the desire to remove any last vestiges of tell tale facial or masculine body hair is very high.

IPL offers a permanent solution and has been widely available for a long time now. It has even been possible to buy low level home devices that start to tackle this issue.

The way in which these systems work however means that not only are they far less powerful and much slower at removing hair than SkinBase IPL lasers, but they historically they haven't been able to help all skin types.

But not all IPL systems are the same and thankfully things have now changed and nearly everyone can be treated.

We've chosen to work with the SkinBase IPL system because it is the leading IPL hair removal system in its field.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Suitable for almost all skin types - Unlike other systems the advanced technology of the SkinBase system makes it possible to be used on all skin types
  • Cryo ‘cooling’ handset -
    Means the treatment is completely painless with no need for gels and ice packs
  • Medically CE certified - Built, tested and proven to the highest standards within the EU
  • Large spot size -
    The SkinBase IPL has one of the largets spot sizes available meaning the area can be covered more quickly
  • 4 Second recharge - Quick recharge to keep treatment time down

So, don't suffer in silence. We can help!